Jan Shriner for Marina Coast Water District

Dear Friend,

I am running for re-election for the Board of Marina Coast Water District in November 2018. With your support, this will be my third term.

Endorsed by the Monterey County Weekly

I defend groundwater quality. I am volunteering with Protect Monterey County, promoting the ban of fracking and trying to stop injection of untreated wastewater into the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin (SVGB).

I work on groundwater management. In 2016 I participated with the Environmental Caucus of the Collaborative Working Group of the SVGB for the new Groundwater Sustainability Act. In 2017, I supported Marina Coast to establish Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) for central Marina and Ord Community.

I strive to create science-based policies such as applying Stanford’s Aerial Electromagnetic (AEM) Survey. Scientists can provide AEM imagery to help us determine and maintain specific underground drinking water resources.

I envision reducing the carbon footprint of MCWD as part of the next five-year Strategic Plan.

I do not accept donations from large corporations.

And finally, I need your help to continue this work.

As we build this campaign together, we’ll need people willing to:
  • Volunteer (phoning, supply food for volunteers, walk neighborhoods, etc.)
  • Contribute financially
  • Endorse publicly
  • Arrange for visits and forums

Will you contribute $500, $100, $75, or an amount of your choosing to fit your budget? Please return the attached card with a check payable to Shriner for Marina Water Board 2018, to 412 South Main St., Salinas, CA 93901. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please support my re-election for continued work on your clean, healthful water. www.shriner4water.com

Jan Shriner

Vice President of the MCWD Board